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The Diagnosis of the case have been posted. Click on the image to see the diagnosis and an enlarged image.
EQA A1/07: 42 years. Routine Screening. Pap smear.
EQA A2/07: 46 years. Female, white discharge per vaginum. Pap smear.
EQA A4/07: 62 years. Female, post radiation therapy for carcinoma cervix. Pap smear.
EQA A5/07: Pleural fluid; 40 years female, bilateral pleural effusion. 
EQA B2/07: 40 years. Female. Routine screening. Pap smear.
EQA B4/07: 50 years. Female. Per speculum - Atrophic cervix, suspicious. Pap smear. 
EQA B5/07: 40 years. Male. Sputum for malignant cells. History  of having undergone treatment for carcinoma of the oral cavity 2 years ago. Presently has shortness of breath.
EQA C3/07: 50 years. Female. Routine screening. Pap smear.
EQA C5/07: 50 years. Female. Pleural effusion; Pleural fluid for malignant cells.
EQA D2/07: 42 years. Female. Routine screening. Pap smear.
EQA D3/07: 35 years. Female. leucorrhoea and burning micturation, cervical erosion present. Pap smear.
EQA D4/07: 48 years. Female. Cervix - hypertrophic, VIA - positive.