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The Indian Academy of Cytologists was formed in 1970 with a handful of pathologists, gynaecologists and clinicians interested in cytology with the following objectives:-

1. To encourage research in both fundamental and clinical cytology.

2. To encourage co-operation among those actively engaged in the practice of clinical cytology.

3. To standardise terminology.

It chose to affiliate with the International Academy of Cytology and its journal Acta Cytologica in 1971 and has retained this affiliation ever since.

The membership of our association has grown over the years and so has the reach of cytology in India. Ours is a vibrant organisation now with regular annual national and regional/state chapter conferences, regular representation in International conferences and conduct of companion meetings in the International Congress. We have our own ‘Journal of Cytology’ which is an indexed journal with good international and national visibility. We have members on the editorial board of Acta Cytologica and other indexed international cytology journals.